Want Real ‘10G’ Today? Ziply Fiber Offering Symmetrical 10 Gbps Speeds for $300 a Month

Ziply Fiber
(Image credit: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Kirkland, Washington-based Ziply Fiber has the real “10G.” 

The privately funded internet service provider, which sprung into action in 2020 when it raised $2 billion and acquired Frontier Communications’ Northwest operations (opens in new tab), is offering symmetrical 10 gigabit-per-second fiber-to-the-home internet to parts of Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Washington, for $300 a month.

Customers will also have to plunk down $300 for installation. And there’s a $10 monthly charge if you choose to rent a router, but there are not data caps or contracts. 

In his company’s announcement Monday, Ziply CEO Harold Zeitz seemed to target the cable industry’s 10G marketing initiative, a catch-all slogan that seems to broadly describe advancements in hybrid-fiber coaxial networks … but is probably several years away from delivering true symmetrical 10 Gbps service tiers ubiquitously. 

“The world of internet services in the home has become increasingly confusing in recent months, with the consumer becoming confused about the letter G vs. the word Gig, download vs. upload speeds, and many other things,” Zeitz said.

“I can tell you three things with certainty: First, we use the word ‘Gig’ intentionally because we want to be clear about our ability to deliver gig and multi-gig speeds from our Core Network and connected to your home," Zeitz added. "Second, fiber is the only technology today that delivers symmetrical upload and download speeds. Third, we’re talking about products that are available today, across our four-state fiber footprint.”

Ziply already offers 2 Gbps service, promotionally priced for $80 a month and jumping to $90 monthly after a year. There's also a 5 Gbps FTTH tier for $120 a month. 

Daniel Frankel

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