Google Rolls Out Storage and Performance Upgrades For Google TV

Google TV by Sony
(Image credit: Sony)

Digital storage and device performance are often issues as streaming apps grow in size and volume. 

More computer resources are demand from connected TV gadgets than ever, but most devices still come with 8 gigabytes of storage -- or less -- which is not so much when you consider that the average smart phone now comes with 64 GB of storage. 

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For its part, Google keeps trying to make its TVOS, Google TV, function better in a CTV world short on adequate computational resources. 

In November, Google formally announced (opens in new tab) its transition, beginning in May, to the new "Android App Bundles" publishing format, which replaces the legacy “Android Package Kits” (APKs) format. Google said at the time that App Bundles would make storage of each streaming app 20% more efficient, on average. 

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Google also said that the new AAB format would allow apps to be archived instead of fully installed. This allows users to store a shortcut to a full download, resulting in space savings of around 60%, on average. 

Well, it's now May 2, and these upgrades have been deployed to most connected Google TV devices. 

In a new blog post published Tuesday (opens in new tab), Google touted the digital space savings as even being even more efficient than previously described -- 25% instead of 20%. Google also talked about a new "hibernation mode' for Google TV, which seems to leverage that archiving feature, affecting apps that haven't been used in the previous 30 days. 

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